Check out Licit Magic–Working Papers, an ongoing project to make the early results of our translations available to a wider audience for comments and critique. 

Publications related to the project and its topics are listed below. For the texts and authors being translated within the framework of the project, please see Balagha sources

by Rebecca Ruth Gould:

“The Antiquarian Imagination in Multilingual Daghestan,” Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics 41 (2021)

“Russifying the Radif: Lyric Translatability and the Russo-Persian Ghazal,” Comparative Critical Studies 17.2 (2020): 263-284.

“The Persianate Cosmology of Historical Inquiry in the Caucasus: ʿAbbās Qulī Āghā Bākīkhānūf’s Cosmological Cosmopolitanism,” Comparative Literature 71.3 (2019): 272-297.

“Hard Translation: Persian Poetry and Post-National Literary Form,” Forum for Modern Language Studies 54.2 (2019): 191-206.

“Telling the Story of Literature from Inside Out: The Methods and Tools of Non-European Poetics,” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 38.1 (2018): 170-180.

by Rebecca Ruth Gould & Kayvan Tahmasebian:

“Translation as Alienation: Sufi Hermeneutics and Literary Modernism in Bijan Elahi’s Translations,” Modernism/Modernity (2020)

“The Temporality of Desire in Ḥasan Dihlavī’s ʿIshqnāma,” Journal of Medieval Worlds 2.3-4 (2020)

“The Temporality of Interlinear Translation: Kairos in the Persian Hölderlin,” Representations (2021)

Ajnabi, or The Xenological Uncanny in Iranian Modernism,” New Literary History 52.1 (2021)

by Team Members & Associates:

Post-Eurocentric Poetics: New Approaches from Arabic, Persian and Turkic Literary Theory, edited by Hany Rashwan, Rebecca Ruth Gould and Nasrin Askari (Oxford: Oxford University Press) Proceedings of the British Academy book series. Based on the Beirut workshop:

Post-Eurocentric poetics: new approaches from Arabic, Turkish and Persian Literature