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Below is a list of titles for which we invite reviews. The list will be updated as new titles appear (and as reviewers claim them).

If you would like to review for us, please write us at If you don’t know what title you’d like to review but would like to be added as a potential review, feel free to let us know in a comment below. Once we decide on a book, we’ll agree on a deadline and assist with obtaining the book.

Finally, feel free to suggest additional titles relating to global literary theory. Not all of the books below focus on premodern literatures. We are open to suggestions for reviews on world literature in general.


New translations

Nizami Ganjavi, Layli and Majnuntrans. Dick Davis (Penguin, 2021).

Al-Hariri, Impostures, trans. Michael Cooperson (New York University Press, Library of Arabic Literature, 2020).

New scholarship

Lara Harb, Arabic Poetics. Aesthetic Experience in Classical Arabic Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2020). [review assigned]

B. Alkan & Ç. Günay-Erkol, eds. Turkish Literature as World Literature (Bloomsbury, 2020). [review assigned]

Csató, Éva Á. Gren-Eklund, Gunilla. Johanson, Lars. Karakoç, Birsel, eds. Turcologica Upsaliensia (Leiden: Brill, 2020).

De Bruijn, J.T.P. Pearls of Meanings: Studies on Persian Art, Poetry, Sūfīsm and History of Iranian Studies in Europe (Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2020).

Green, Nile. The Persianate World: The Frontiers of a Eurasian Lingua Franca (Berkeley: California University Press, 2019).

Gruendler, Beatrice. The Rise of the Arabic Book (Cambridge, MA and London, England: Harvard University Press, 2020).

Hoyland, Robert. From Albania to Arrān. (Piscataway, NJ, USA: Gorgias Press, 2020).

Jenco, L.K. Thomas, Megan C. Idris, Murat, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Political Theory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020).

Quinn, Sholeh A. Persian Historiography across Empires: The Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).

Overton, Keelan. Iran and the Deccan: Persianate Art, Culture, and Talent in circulation, 1400–1700 (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2020).

Van Steenbergen, Jo, eds. Trajectories of State Formation across Fifteenth-Century Islamic West-Asia (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2020).

Articles and chapters related to the project (commentaries and other engagements welcome — we’re happy to publish them!)

K. D’hulster. Browsing through the Sultan’s Bookshelves. Towards a Reconstruction of the Library of the Mamluk Sultan Qāniṣawh al-Ghawrī (r. 906–922/1501–1516). Forthcoming in the Mamluk Studies series (Bonn University Press).

K. D’hulster, “Khushqadam, al-Malik al-Ẓāhir”, in K. Fleet et al. (eds.), Encyclopedia of Islam (2020).

K. D’hulster, “The Road to the Citadel as a Chain of Opportunity. Mamluks’ Careers between Contingency and Institutionalization”, in J. Van Steenbergen (ed.), Trajectories of State Formation across Fifteenth-Century Islamic West-Asia. Eurasian Parallels, Connections and Divergences (Brill, 2020).

Ruth, Rebecca.“The Antiquarian Imagination in Multilingual Daghestan,” Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics 41 (2021): 1–35.

Ruth, Rebecca.“Russifying the Radif: Lyric Translatability and the Russo-Persian Ghazal,” Comparative Critical Studies 17.2 (2020): 263–284.

Ruth, Rebecca Gould and Tahmasebian, Kayvan.“The Temporality of Desire in Ḥasan Dihlavī’s ʿIshqnāma,” Journal of Medieval Worlds 2.3–4 (2020): 72–95.

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